A new point of view: Valio

How does sustainability become a part of purchase decisions? In the spring of 2021 we conducted ethnographic research for Valio, regarding consumer sustainability.

Because the research was conducted remotely, we followed the lives of consumers through a reflective journal about daily decisions and the role of sustainability in them. Before and after the journal, one-on-one interviews were held, in order to dig deeper into the themes.

The gathered data was analyzed in analysis workshops, one of which was facilitated for the Valio team. This way the valuable internal view and expertise were incorporated into the analysis, and the insights became Valio’s own.

Through the anthropological approach of Kenno, Valio understood:

- Target consumers’ views on sustainability, and the different meanings and themes it embodies for consumers.

- The role of sustainability in consumers’ lives.

- How the themes related to sustainability of foodstuff link with larger themes of sustainability.

- How the target consumer should be approached about the themes of sustainability.

- How does the theme of sustainability affect consumption and become a part of purchase decisions.

“The collaboration with Kenno was excellent. The project moved forward as planned and on schedule. The research gave us new, thought-broadening observations about sustainability in the daily lives of consumers. We keep coming back to the research report, when we ponder about the meaning of sustainability to consumers and how we should communicate to them about it.”

Jarno Rautio, Consumer Insight Manager