In the footsteps of Ruokala Lokki the movie

How to inspire Japanese travelers on a self-organized holiday trip to come to Finland and experience new things? An ethnographic study by Kenno gives new insights.

What motivates Japanese independent travelers to come to Finland? Very often it is a movie called Ruokala Lokki. Have you ever seen the film?

Kenno recently helped Visit Finland get insights of young Japanese travelers on a self-organized trip to Helsinki.

There is a growing number of young travelers from Japan who want to travel on their own instead of with the groups that have for long been how we are used to see the Japanese tourists travel.

What motivates them is often that they have a very personal connection to Finland. It can be that they have seen a movie called Ruokala Lokki from which they have this image of Finland and what they want to see and experience here, based on the movie. This movie seems to have left a very strong image in these people’s minds. Or they come here to experience Moomin, Finnish architecture or design.

In this project we collaborated with Tomomi Meriluoto who conducted the semi-structured interviews in her native language Japanese.

If you would like to know more you can download the report from Visit Finland website or contact Viola Strandberg /